I often call Tarot a Journey in 78 Steps –  each step along the way offers a particular viewpoint – it isn’t the  whole picture, but pausing to experience each step, and to glean the  insight offered at each point along the way, is what makes the Tarot  journey (aka: Life) significant.

Thinking about various journeys we make helps me understand this  notion of steps.  Some of the trips we make are routine… we go to the  store, to work, to one or two regular gathering places or to friend’s  homes…. we don’t take these trips for the sake of the journey, but the  destination – and in some cases, we travel those same steps so regularly  we no longer think about them at all.

Sometimes, Tarot is about the destination – but it still matters to  look at the route.  Those routine journeys are full of habits that we  may or may not want to hang onto.  Sometimes, the destination is mere  habit too – do we go to that store because we like it best, or simply  because we’ve been going there so long, we’ve forgotten there might be  other places to shop.

…. is that guy we keep trying to hang onto the person we really want  to share our life with, or is he just habit and fear of change?  Looking  at the steps, and at the motivation for the destination can help us  figure that out, and Tarot is an excellent tool for doing so.

Some journeys are about getting somewhere for the first time – it is  uncharted terrain for us.  We’re still very focused on Getting There….  will we get lost? How will we know we’ve arrived?  But we are also quite  a bit more focused on the Path, especially in terms of looking for  signposts and landmarks and mile markers – indicators that we’re still  headed in the right direction.

Tarot is an wonderful map for this sort of trip – it can help us see  where potential pitfalls lie, what detours might be necessary, what the  actual route is for getting to where we want to be.

Sometimes, though, the journey is about the journey – the destination  isn’t the point.  We want to see the view, appreciate the significance  of where we are… what the history of the place is, the key features –  what makes this spot meaningful.  We take journeys to build memories for  ourselves, to share the experience with traveling companions, to  experience surprises and wonders along the way.

Tarot is also very good for this – like a tour guide, it can help  point us to both the major sights and the more subtle, out of the way  treasures and assist us in understanding what they mean for us.  It can  also tell us a bit about the people sharing our journey, and how to best  travel together in a positive, uplifting way.

These are just a few of the ways I’ve found Tarot to be a useful and  meaningful tool in my life, and why it never grows stale for me.

In these pages, I’ll be looking at single tarot cards from a variety of decks and using them as a catalyst for what they say to me about concepts and issues we all have to face.  This isn’t intended to suggest that these cards always mean X, or only mean X – it is simply what strikes me as I write about each one.  For me, this gives me an exercise in working with the cards so that they don’t become just habit to me.  For you, I hope it will spark your own exploration of Tarot and of life as it expresses itself for you, and give you an idea of my style as a Tarot reader.

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