XX – Judgement (Revelations Tarot)

March 6, 2010 at 10:05 am (Revelations Tarot, Tarot, XX - Judgement)

XX - Judgement (Revelations Tarot)

In the Revelations Tarot, each card has built in depictions for reversed cards, allowing for an interesting exploration of the range of meaning inherent in each one.

The image of Judgement shows a Christian-style Judgement Day scenario … an archangel blowing a trumpet, surrounded by choirs of heavenly host, as a naked human ascends through the clouds to meet them.

In the upright position, the human greets them, arms open, ready to embrace this new life after death.  In the reversed position, the human is covering his face to hide from the call, and the choir of angels have their own arms out, beseechingly.

I think the dual concepts here are rebirth and forgiveness vs. judgement with the expectation of punishment and what stands out for me is that the difference is not coming from the angelic beings, but from the human’s expectation and response.

And ultimately, that difference in how this is going to be experienced makes no difference at all… either way, the human self is passing through that reddish amniotic pool into the clouds of rebirth – go easy or go kicking and screaming, you’re still going.

This card makes me want to ask myself what do I need to forgive? What do I need forgiveness for?  What new start do I need to meet as a joyous opportunity rather than with a heart full of fear?  What does rebirth mean to me?  What aspect of the divine is speaking to me that I can’t hear due to my own assumptions and insecurities?

It’s a big card…big concepts here.


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