VI – The Lovers (Aquarian Tarot)

April 28, 2010 at 10:31 am (Aquarian Tarot, Tarot, VI - The Lovers)

VI - The Lovers (Aquarian Tarot)

The Aquarian Tarot, with its iconic 1970s imagery, presents an odd version of The Lovers card – or at least it looks odd to me today.

The couple are both heavily dressed, no skin at all showing other than their faces – hair and fabric flow about them in a protective, armored way.

And yet, the image feels stifling, enclosed… either protective or suffocating (I’m not quite sure which).  The male figure occupies the center of the card, and the female seems to be pressed against the border, hemmed in by his presence.  It is both intimate and (again, at least to me, today) a bit intimidating.

Generally, the Lovers card has to do not only with relationships, but with choice – the choice to act as one within a relationship, or for one’s own purposes.  In this image, the choice on his part seems to be made, and I get the idea that he’s making her choice for her as well.

Odd vibe, maybe stemming from being in an odd mood, but I find this card much more intriguing and unsettling than most Lover’s cards do.


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