About me

My birthname is not Morgana Fillion, but it is the name I go by online and have done so for long enough that it is ‘real’ in every sense that counts.

Away from the keyboard, I am a 49 year old Gemini who is has been studying and reading Tarot for – gasp! – about 35 years now.  I draw information from Tarot intuitively and use astrology and numerology in connection with the cards in order to interpret them.

Spiritually, I’m an eclectic pagan  that in my middle age has been feeling an urge toward community religion and am surprised to be finding it amongst the Unitarian Universalists – as a religious practice that encourages living according to principles that honor and respect the diversity of fellow human beings rather than pushing a dogmatic belief, the UUs not only allow but expect me to work out my faith in my own way.  I enjoy the challenge every week to live my ideals, to stand on the side of love and to speak and act with integrity and joy.

Plus they have really good coffee hour and frequent used book sales. 😉

I have four mostly grown children (some days more grown than others), seven grandchildren, two ex husbands, three cats, and a wonderful gentle man who is my companion, partner in crime, best friend and love of my life.

Trust me when I tell you that I have been there, done that, made the mistakes and am working on figuring out what it all means, just like everyone else.


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  1. Azzrian said,

    LOL I love your introduction here! Looking to see where to follow your blog at but I love the layout very clean and easy on the eyes! LOL unlike mine that will blind you! haha
    Oh and there it is right below the box here – subscribe via email! Nice!

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