10 of Chalices (Da Vinci Tarot)

February 18, 2010 at 2:29 pm (10 of Cups, Da Vinci Tarot, Tarot)

10 of Chalices (Da Vinci Tarot)

The Da Vinci Tarot uses artwork reminiscent of Leonard Da Vinci’s sketches, with soft muted colors to illustrate the themes of each card.  Here in the 10 of Chalices, we see a Mother and Child portrait, with the mother gazing contentedly at her son as he grasps a small flower she holds out to him.  He peacefully grasps her hand and reaches out for the flower with chubby little fingers.  The woman holds one of the chalices suspended behind her with her left hand just behind her son’s head.  The ten chalices are arrange with five across the top, then two, and then the three, including the one she holds.

I like to look at the arrangement of pips (suit symbols) as well as the overall image, so see what patterns suggest themselves to me, and here is what I am seeing with this – the five chalices that cover the Mother and Child speak of the numerological number five – the number of humanity, of individuality and freedom, and in Tarot five also indicates conflict and a bit of chaos (which is another way of saying humanity, now isn’t it?). Below that is the two chalices… a pair, mirrored by the pairing of mother and child – the one on one connectedness of one human with another, the blending of contrasts, yn and yang, dark and light, mother and child, young and old.   Finally, the three – with the woman holding one of them brings in community, the collective – in Tarot, threes are the suit’s element coming into manifestation.

The 10 of Cups most often indicates themes of Joy, Happiness, “Happily Ever After” and in this card, most certainly a sense of serene contentment and very much sensing the joy of fully experiencing happiness in the here and now.  Both mother and child are at peace in their own individuality – each one unique.  Together they create a family, within which this happiness can be experienced.  But they are also a part of the whole community of humanity and a part of their family of ancestors and descendents – each a link in the chain of parent to child to the next generations parent and child.

I think we often forget that there is joy in simply being – that it isn’t about having what you want when you want it and how you want it.  It is in noticing and fully experiencing the small things.. .the flower examined, the hand held, the linking of one loving spirit with another and realizing that you are an indispensable part of creation.


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