1 Green – Receiving (Bright Ideas Deck)

February 1, 2010 at 10:36 am (Ace of Coins, Bright Ideas Deck, Tarot)

1 Green - Receiving (Bright Ideas Tarot)

aka: Ace of Coins.

The Bright Ideas Deck uses modern imagery and transforms the elemental suits into colors, the courts into actions, and the Majors have keyword style names.  In spite of all these changes – which make it possible to use the deck with people who might not be particularly Tarot-friendly – the images hold up as Tarot metaphors and even include astrological symbols tucked away somewhere in the picture.

Today’s draw is the Ace of Coins, er… 1 Green: Receiving.  It shows a woman in a red dress that was probably festive when it was new, but now looks a bit raggedy, with matching red pumps.  She’s seated on a large boulder in the desert – we can see some cactii in the distance – and she’s opening a green giftwrapped box.  Next to her, separating her from the cactii, a fault line has broken open and a new plant is growing out of the parched ground.

What a perfect card to receive for Imbolc!  For me this image shows that times have been tough, but a new day is starting – new life is on its way.  In terms of weather, most of us have experienced cold and snow while life goes dormant, rather than the dessert depicted here…but the message is the same – things only look barren, but life is already struggling to the surface.  Hang in there when its hard, store up what you need like those cactuses, because more is coming.

I do like that it is portrayed as a gift – it isn’t saying struggle harder, or go find what you need… it is saying new beginnings are coming…are in fact HERE now, a freely offered gift we have only to notice and accept.

In a neat bit of serendipity, I literally got a gift this morning from my daughter, who budgeted out a bit of her own money to take me shopping today (I’ve put off buying new jeans for a long, long time), as a thank you for the support I’ve given her and her fiance over the last year.  I wasn’t expecting it.. but I can’t stop smiling.


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